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Below is a quick overview of the apps Service2Media released during June and July 2014. This list of new app releases and updates shows examples of apps and their app lifecycle, demonstrating the importance of keeping up with the latest trends, OS changes and continuously refreshing your app’s backlog. As a result new releases focus on adding functionality, improving performance and updating design. Politie App - Wijkagent

Completed & Updated:  4th of August 2014

Politie Consumenten App has been updated in Google Play, Windows Marketplace and the App Store. The menu structure has been changed and ‘Wijkagent’ functionality has been added. Push functionality has been integrated, the Dutch National Police can now send push messages to alert people on urgent news and missing people. Introduction screens have been added.

Multi Tank Card app is now updated.  For the payments, IBAN has been implemented to support the SEPA requirements as of August.

Ajax Community App has been updated in the app store for tablet and phone. The apps now have in app purchase for half a year and a year subscription for Ajax Exclusive.

Air Miles has been updated in Google Play and the App Store. The push functionality has been updated and the app optimised for iPhone 5 and iOS7.

EMESA VakantieVeilingen.nl has been updated in Google Play and the App Store for phone and tablet. Search functionality has been extended and a ‘Tips’ section has been added.

Gulf News has been updated in Google Play, the Samsung App Store and Apple App Store for both smartphones and tablets. There is a new News category “Editor’s Choice”. Pages from their mobile website are now accessible from the app.

Kruidvat JouwVoordeel Kaart App has been updated in Google Play and the App Store. This app version is for the new interface as a result of the transition to Kruidvat’s new backend system.

iWelcome Authenticator App has been updated in Windows Marketplace due to a technical improvement.

SMART Mobiliteit has been updated in Google Play and in the App Store, and now has an extended dashboard and planner results can be refreshed. SMART welcomes new users via the ‘Twente Mobiel’ initiative and they can immediately use it to log their travelling.

UPC Remote Booking Hungary has been updated in Google Play and the App Store. The design has been completely updated. A few more releases are planned for the upcoming weeks. Please return within a week, as new updates will be added to this post as soon as releases are accepted by the stores.

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