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The way that news is consumed is changing, business models are changing and traditional newspapers are competing with live news and new formats on the mobile.

Just as the Web disrupted print, Mobile is disrupting the traditional web. People want news: instant, anytime, anywhere.

News has several challenges: they have multiple labels, multiple languages and limited budgets or a way to monetize their app initiatives.

Custom development is expensive and inefficient. Service2Media’s news solution takes live news to mobile, offering an alternative next to custom development. The app offers a comprehensive feature set, great user experience and productised quality. The solution is future proof, easy to integrate with your content management systems and most of all: it is efficient: it can be rolled out to all your labels, languages, multiple devices and OS’s. It is the perfect solution if you are looking to balance a great user experience with the TCO of your app portfolio.
Gulf news, Wegener and NDC have already chosen Service2Media’s News Solution.

Watch this video of the Wegener solution.

Are you interested in a personal web-ex with our news and media consultant? In this personal 30 minute web-ex we can demo the news solution and showcase our work with Gulf News and Wegener.


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