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EMESA launched the new VakantieVeiligen.nl tablet app. In this short interview you can read about the future of tablets and their design according to Marc Jutten, Development Manager Mobile. The tablet app with it’s brand new design can be downloaded from google play and the App Store.

What was the reason for the VakantieVeilingen.nl App make-over?

The old VakantieVeilingen.nl tablet app design was no longer meeting the expectations of the modern consumer in the way of design and usability standards. As a result, conversion rates dropped to a level far below the phone version, which until now has received all the attention. We see that the world around us is changing into a mobile first world. That is why it is so important for us to take action in order to guarantee an optimal user experience for all our customers on any device, wherever they are, whenever they want.

The new vs old tablet design. What’s changed?

The most noticeable thing we changed in the new VakantieVeilingen.nl tablet app is that we tried to display the diversity of content we have to offer. Customers will now have an overview of auctions in all the categories we offer, and will be able to either browse through a category for inspiration, or search for a specific day trip, holiday or other auction of their choice.

We also gave the app a fresh and bright look that shows our category colours to perfection. The fresh new look, combined with a user friendly grid for displaying auctions, are key elements for an optimal customer experience.

Why is the ‘tablet’ so important for VakantieVeilingen.nl?

Statistics show that the tablet’s market share is growing in the e-commerce market. More and more Holiday and leisure bookings are being done from the couch, and we also see this trend in VakantieVeilingen.nl. The “couch-commerce” market is therefore going to be an important element in maintaining a good mobile strategy.

What are the focus points for tablet designs?

When working on the design of your tablet app, it is important to have a clear view of who you are building the app for. A great design is made by thinking like a customer. Decisions are based on what the customer would expect for both design and UI. Whilst developing the VakantieVeilingen.nl app in the last month we were lucky to have great insights into customer’s expectations due to the abundance of customer reviews and feedback that we have received over the previous years.

What about the future of the tablet?

Now that we’ve redesigned the app, it’s important to keep on optimizing it. Thanks to the knowledge we’ve gathered from our website and the customer reviews we’ve received over the years we have a clear view of what the next steps need to be for continuously improving the app. The market share for tablets will continue to grow in the coming years and our challenge will be to use our expertise to always be one step ahead of the competition for our customers!

Back to the office from Stef van der Feen, Service2Media’s designer. What are your thoughts about this new design?

“With the new design EMESA has taken the user experience to a new level, focussing on giving the customer exactly the right functionality at the right time. From an visually inviting overview page to an auction page where the user can place his bid right on the spot. The new design of the VakantieVeilingen.nl tablet-app is optimised to take advantage of the extra screen real-estate of tablets. Underneath it all the playful layouts are based on a flexible grid system that allows it to adapt to the wide range of screen sizes of tablets.It has never been easier to participate in an auction as VakantieVeilingen.nl customer. We think users are going to enjoy the new design, and we are looking forward to unveiling even more improvements and functionality in the near future.”

The first reviews in google play are very positive. At least 8 out of 10 reviews reward this release of VakantieVeilingen.nl with 5 stars! Service2Media congratulates EMESA with this great achievement.


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