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From today, CERTA will support silent push messaging, which triggers the app in the background without giving the user a notification. It enables apps to refresh with new data before the user is notified.

Use case: Synchronisation without notifying
As a use case for a media or news app, a silent broadcast push notification to the app can silently update the latest episode or a recent breaking news item. In the financial, travel or retail industry, a silent, narrowcast push can activate the user’s app to synchronise processed payments, tickets, purchases or files.

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New features only recently released on the mobile market open up a world of possibilities to reinforce your mobile engagement with your customers. Used at the right moment they can help your mobile apps to become more successful: motivate users to actually use your app, return to your app frequently and refer your app to other users.

Demo: In a short demo we will demonstrate the power of these new technologies: Web Push Notifications, Mobile Push Notifications and Bluetooth LE.

Download the slidedeck and the leaflet on push & beacons:

White paper: 
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About: Push messages are one of the most instant, limitless and personal ways for a brand to communicate with its customers.

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