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The ‘Ambulancezorg app’ gives ambulance personnel easy access to the National Protocol for Ambulance care (Landelijk Protocol Ambulancezorg or LPA), C2000 connection schedules, news, and push messages.


About the Ambulancezorg app

The app provides ambulance personnel with instant information about actual cases. The user can also personalise the app by adding their own notes, creating a list of favourites and setting their own region in order to receive region-specific information. 

Always the latest protocols

The app also contains the newest LPA version (version 8). LPA8 will be the national standard as of the 1st of January 2015. Previous LPA versions are only available in book form. Now ambulance personnel can consult LPA8 via the well-known book as well as via the Ambulancezorg app.

Development and management

The Ambulancezorg app was developed for sector organisation Ambulancezorg Nederland, in close collaboration with the field. Ambulancezorg Nederland will be responsible for future development and for keeping the app up to date.

The Ambulancezorg app is available to download from the Android and iOS app stores.

Do you want to learn more about the Ambulancezorg app? Contact Wim ten Wolde, program manager Ambulancezorg Nederland via w.tenwolde@ambulancezorg.nl or read the dutch press release on their website.

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