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The distribution of active mobile OSs in 2014 is different for each country.

The Android OS is the most used worldwide. In Europe, the percentage of users who prefer Android over iOS is even higher  than worldwide. In the Netherlands, there is a strong division between iOS and Android. The two OSs dominate the Dutch market, only giving away one percent to the Windows OS.

The active mobile usage in the Netherlands in 2014.

Samsung is the most popular vendor in the Netherlands. As Samsung smartphones come in a wide range of models, Samsung does not take first position when it comes to a specific device type. The four latest iPhone devices win that one, with 45% of active users  in July 2014 using iPhone devices.

Growth or change during last 6 months:

In comparison to December 2013, the percentage of Android users grew by 3%. New device models have been rapidly adopted by consumers, while the distribution across devices and vendors has remained similar.

Device Fragmentation NL 2014 InfographicSource: Statcounter


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