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Two weeks ago we invited you to hand in your iBeacon business ideas. A wild variety of ideas were sent to us, from fun games and real business propositions to innovative ideas contributing to quality of life and our society. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Please check out five (random) examples of these iBeacon ideas.


  1. iBeacons to give directions to find a parking space: On parking locations as you are driving in, you receive a message that the first 2 floors are full and that there are some free spots available on the third floor.
  2. iBeacons to replace race chip timing systems: Imagine iBeacons could be used for running, walking or skating events for  checkpoint tracking and afterwards to retrieve personal sport videos and pictures.
  3. iBeacons to unlock doors, lifts and bollards to improve logistics and save lives: Staff can use beacons as a key or identifier indoors when carrying a Beacon within a warehouse, logistics centre or hospital. The lock detects the iBeacon and opens an entrance door. Think of people in a forklift truck or ambulance personnel. You can also use it for internal logistics to identify where the forklift trucks are in the building and measure distances and speed. Outdoors this can be used by (public) emergency services, as streets in the city centre are sometimes blocked by bollards emergency vehicles carrying an iBeacon should be able to unlock these automatically as soon as an emergency service arrives.ibeacon crowd management
  4. iBeacons informing crowds in order to manage crowds at large events: When there is an emergency in a crowd during concerts or in shopping malls, as a crowd manager you can’t rely on the data connection. With beacons you will be able to flexibly broadcast messages to a group of people during incidents or overcrowding.
  5. Interactive Tourism & City Marketing with iBeacons: Tourists visiting a different city don’t need to look at their map to get directions. It can be given to them directly, based on their location. If you have an iBeaconon places of interest, tourists can listen to audio, watch a video, get directions or learn about nearby restaurants, shops or police stations.

Better ideas? Please let us know, we are currently building the two winning prototypes from last request for ideas! Please email us with your idea at marketing@service2media.com

Watch the video on iBeacons World Cup Memory Game.

What is your iBeacon business idea?

Hand in your most creative business concept for beacons that would contribute to the customer experience or success of your company. The most fun, meaningful or innovative concept will be selected and will be rewarded with a free prototype! Please email your concept and contact details to Arjo van Oosten before the 10th of July 2014.

World Cup iBeacon Memory Game:

Do you need some inspiration? Service2Media has developed a World Cup iBeacon Memory game. The game is great for teambuilding, giving directions to visitors or for city-marketing. This video answers some of the most recent frequently asked mobile app questions: “How does Bluetooth LE work?” and “How to benefit from the use of beacons?”.

How to engage your audience using new technologies?

There are many possible use cases of iBeacons. The retail, travel and tourism industry are already actively experimenting with Beacons and bluetooth LE. Today we will showcase the use of beacons combined with a world cup memory game within the city centre of Enschede. Enjoy this short clip of the world cup memory game. This game can be used to inspire your team to think about the use of iBeacons for your company! The iBeacon memory game is just an example of how you can use beacon technology for new ways to engage with customers.

Bluetooth LE offers great opportunities for retail and service companies that would like to offer a customised in-store experience to their customers. Where GPS and RFID offer their own advantages, Bluetooth LE offers possibilities to send contextual messages to app users in or near the store or service desk. 

About Bluetooth LE:

Bluetooth LE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and is part of Bluetooth Smart or 4.0. It has totally different use cases than Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth HSFT. As it has low throughput, it can only handle a small amount of data. For this reason, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons have a battery life of up to 2 years. It helps to locate the user with a proximity profile or PXP profile, which is great for the indoor positioning of both active and inactive app users. It is brand new functionality on iOS7 and Android 4.3. 

Beacons: Large reach, Great Flexibility:

Beacons can be any shape or size, even your phone or tablet can be a beacon. Beacons can be placed everywhere and do not need any network connections, they work completely autonomous. Beacons have a reach of up to 50 meters. Multiple beacons can be used for indoor positioning.  Lastly, beacons can be battery operated.

Bluetooth LE Service Case:

The use cases for bluetooth LE are limitless. Examples can be made for retail, service desks, public institutions and healthcare. Start with your end-user: your customer, a civilian or an employee. Think of what information would be beneficial for your users to receive at every single phase or step the user makes in a service delivery process. The timing and location of the message are just as important as the content of the message. Airline Case for Bluetooth LE: For airlines it is very easy to illustrate the advantage of beacons with bluetooth LE. Happy passengers are the ones, who have not been rushing to find the right gate or who managed to spend their waiting time shopping or surfing the internet near the gate. Bluetooth LE instantly pushes additional service messages to the right passengers at the right moment.  Before, during and after the flight, the airline can remind the traveller of certain steps or possibilities. This can help the traveller to navigate faster to the airplane or encourage the traveller to make use of Wi-Fi or shopping possibilities.  

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