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The UPC app contains an EPG grid, with remote booking, reminder functionality and push to TV for the extra services such as channel on demand and video on demand.

With UPC’s TV apps customers can see television shows anytime and anywhere and remotely set up a timer recording for their mediabox at home. The “Watch on TV” functionality in the app works like a remote control to navigate between programs and video library designed for the customer to find the most interesting entertainment.

Click at the links for the Hungarian version and the Polish version in iTunes.

Detailed description of the app:

* TV Guide: Users can check the current UPC TV’s most popular TV stations wherever they are.

* Schedule recordings / reminders: UPC Digital TV subscribers can remotely schedule recordings and set reminders for programs of their interest to the decoder, UPC Mediabox.

* Watch on TV: This function enables the decoder to switch to the selected UPC Mediabox program, which is currently being broadcasted on television. Furthermore, users can play movies or shows from UPC ON DEMAND.

* Full TV entertainment in the palm of your hand: With a simple and intuitive way to find your desired program, educational films and television series. The guide shows current programs on the television and those available in UPC ON DEMAND.

* To watch later: If you are particularly interested in a show offered in UPC ON DEMAND but prefer to watch it later, you can use the “to watch later” functionality. With this you create a list of movies and programs to which you can return to at a later point in time.

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