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Following the early move of media apps and banking into the mobile arena, now the insurance industry is developing mobile technology as one of their key communication and service channels towards their customer. In the coming period, Service2Media will present you with a series of stories, opinions, cases, white-papers, interviews and webinars to sketch our views on apps in the insurance industry.

Customer Journey: Moment of misery

On her way to the office this morning, Jane tried to make her way through the usual traffic jams. Unfortunately, the guy in the car behind her was not paying enough attention. When she slowed down while approaching heavy traffic, the driver of the other car reacted too late and connected with the back of Jane’s car. Fortunately no one was hurt, but her car was mildly damaged. Of course, she wasn’t carrying her insurance info or damage claim forms, and the sticker with emergency phone numbers on her car window was worn and unreadable. She was on the highway and it was dark and cold and it had started to rain.

Customer Journey - Service App

In user experience technology, the situation above is classified as a ‘moment of misery’. It is very important for the insurance company to help Jane in this particular situation. If they succeed in doing so, Jane will be happy and the insurance service will have impressed her. It will have impressed her more than any marketing campaign could do and will guide her to a stronger, longer term relationship with the insurance company.

Saved by the Damage Claim app

A mobile ‘damage claim app’ can be used as an effective instrument to assist in the case described above. It can give relevant service information and can guide users through the tasks that need to be performed in a transparent and effective way. Another strong advantage is that modern mobile phones contain functionality that is especially suited to help in this situation.

The damage claim app can help in useful ways:

  • It can give step by step instructions on how to act when the user is involved in an accident, making sure the user follows the right protocols,
  • The camera in the phone can be used to collect a video and/or photographic evidence,
  • The GPS receiver in the phone can register the location of the accident within an accuracy of better than ten metres.

Other possible functionalities that could be included:

  • The app can give relevant information like phone numbers or maps to local police stations, garage companies and other emergency services, offering a push button to directly call the relevant numbers,
  • The app can function as an insurance wallet, e.g. it can contain critical policy info and a copy of the insurance card,
  • All collected data can be submitted immediately via the phone’s internet connection for processing to the insurance company.

Jane was lucky to have the damage claim app on her phone. She only needed to follow the step by step process of registering the damage and entering the claim at the spot. She even called the nearest garage and received help in minutes. The mobile app significantly relieved her ‘moment of misery’.

Advantages of a Customer Experience Approach:

The above case illustrates the use of a damage claim app as a task oriented, relevant and suitable solution for the customer, all leading to a higher service level towards the customer, more loyalty and an increased basis for a long term customer relationship.

Second, the app provides direct advantages for the insurance company as well:

  • Higher quality input including GPS location, multimedia to make a better assessment,
  • No rewriting of paper process,
  • Instant feed into the company IT systems, cleaner claim entry.

Next week we will discuss the interaction between user tasks and company processes and how a successful mobile app should intermediate in this.

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