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A professional and detailed App Review of a company’s mobile app serves as an industry benchmark for mobile app initiative holders or IT directors. In addition, it is used to optimise the app and prioritise the app’s roadmap. The app review is based on eight parameters: first impression look & feel, navigation, screen real estate, performance, screen orientation, lifecycle completion, security and cross OS comparison.

A wide diversity of companies and app initiative holders, have submitted their apps for review. These apps are both B2C and B2E apps and cover different geographies and industries: insurance, entertainment, news, broadcast, IT, travel, retail and finance.  This diversity raised questions such as: “Does a user require the same security standards for both a media and a financial app?” Does a user want a banking app to look just as “slick” as an A-brand media or news app?

App Reviews Results

Overview of all App Review results 2013

As a result, it is interesting to see that 60% of the mobile applications have security issues. Also, a lot of apps have suboptimal navigation (80%) or look&feel (75%). Another aspect is that many apps still don’t have a proper implementation of a landscape orientation. Apps are often available on iOS and Android only, and frequently, the design and navigation of the app are not optimised to the devices possibilities.

Download an example of an app review performed by our experts for a large company in the financial services industry. It gives an insight on how to benchmark your own app by yourself.

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