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Case Study: Achmea: Achmea’s App Factory

Industry: Insurance
About: The app portfolio in the insurance industry is a widely discussed topic. This paper elaborates on the App Factory initiative at Achmea, a large Dutch insurance group, to execute their app portfolio strategy.

Achmea selects Service2Media’s M2Active 4.0 as its new platform for mobile app development, the Achmea App Factory.

Achmea has introduced the App Factory, a full app development and maintenance “assembly line” to meet the growing demand for mobile apps within the company. The Achmea App Factory is a separate department within the Achmea IT organization, fully geared to efficiently produce and manage apps. The technological cornerstone of the App Factory is Service2Media’s App Lifecycle Platform, M2Active, which offers an enterprise grade solution for developing, testing, deploying and managing mobile apps for multiple platforms. Service2Media provides the App Factory team with education and training. To date, the team has already produced an app for Achmea’s customers as well as an app for Achmea employees.

In the near future, companies will “app” up their business. Processes, services and information flows will be available anytime, anywhere via smart phone or tablet apps personalized for the customer, employee and manager. “The new generation is intuitive and has many new ideas and habits. They will not only continue to “just call Apeldoorn” but will also connect using their mobile phone or tablet,” said Peter la Croix, IM & IT Manager at Achmea. “Achmea is ready for welcoming this new generation.” continued la Croix.

The Achmea App Factory uses the Service2Media M2Active platform for the development and management of the apps. With M2Active, the company can develop apps and deploy them immediately to multiple mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Just one single source code is used, making the development process faster, easier and more robust compared to developing apps for each operating system separately. “Achmea uses our platform with their own developers and will build a complete application portfolio, including valuable knowledge and experience of fast app development for multiple devices. It is of high importance for Achmea to secure this knowledge inside the company and to increase the efficiency of their investments by reusing developed components. In particular, the more complex components such as security and back-end integration with SAP are valuable assets”, states Peter Broekroelofs, CTO of Service2Media. “Achmea is a leader in translating their vision into a central IT strategy for app development and management, in a similar manner as companies did 10 years ago for websites. This strategy of Achmea closely matches the vision Service2Media has chosen for its product development; enabling companies in their challenges in the development and maintenance of their application portfolios.”, Broekroelofs continues.

Service2Media and Achmea have agreed on a long term relationship in which the employees of Achmea will be trained, certified and supported by Service2Media in producing cross platform apps. In this way the AppFactory is a source of knowledge and experience, a significant and sustainable value for Achmea.

About Achmea:
Achmea is an unlisted insurance group with cooperative roots, balancing the interests of clients, (business) partners, employees and shareholders. Besides the Netherlands Achmea is also active in six other European countries and employs around 24,000 staff. In the Netherlands, Achmea is the parent company for strong brands such as Centraal Beheer Achmea, Interpolis, FBTO, Avéro Achmea, Zilveren Kruis Achmea and Agis. Together they form the largest insurance group in the Netherlands.

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