Service2Media AppHaus – Introduction

Service2Media AppHaus – Introduction 

Managing and distribution of apps to development teams, test officers and even end users can be quite an hassle, decreasing Go to Market speed and app quality while unnecessary complicating internal processes and communication. 

Service2Media AppHaus provides convenient storage, organization and distribution facilities for mobile app builds regardless of the stage of the app’s lifecycle. Whether it’s development, acceptance or distribution towards end users, Service2Media AppHaus comes at hand with features such as rapid app upload, organizing build storage in particular app projects and build buckets, augmentation of builds with the necessary metadata and finally, app build sharing in both public and access-controlled manner.

Service2Media AppHaus brings you into a managed environment of mobile app build distribution literally in a few simple and rapidly executed steps: 

Step 1: Set up your app(s) 

For each new app, the most basic information concerning naming, possible build package IDs and supported platforms should be provided in order to let AppHaus automatically identify and aggregate future build uploads.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.45.21


· store and organize mobile app builds

· distribute to team members & end users

· view statistics & monitor


· accelerate go live process

· improve app build quality

· cloud service, live in just hours

Step 2 – Upload the build(s) 

Once mobile app builds are produced by the development team, they can be instantly uploaded to Service2Media AppHaus in a single drag-and-drop action. No need to fill multi-paged forms bloated with excessive information.

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Step 3 – Augment app builds with additional metadata 

The most relevant build parameters such as e.g. app version number, package identifier or provisioning information will be extracted from the uploaded package automatically and will be available for inspection within AppHaus. Additional info can also be provided by the uploader directly – typical cases include e.g. change logs for the particular build or app release.

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Step 4 – Share builds with others 

Service2Media AppHaus allows for sharing mobile app builds with other app stakeholders either in an access-controlled manner (courtesy of Service2Media’s own user authentication service) or by generating publicly-accessible URLs which remain active over the specified amount of time. Such links can then be accessed directly on a mobile device in order to install the app by any target audience desired e.g. dev team members, testers, key project stakeholders or app end users.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.50.19

Step 5 – Monitor, refine, organize 

Next to upload & share functionality, Service2Media AppHaus provides more advanced features such as download statistics monitoring, possibility of sharing aggregated app builds a.k.a. build buckets or support for watchfolders used with Continuos Integration systems. With these tools it’s possible to refine the app’s build distribution chain at any given time and bring it to the next level of organization.

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Service2Media AppHaus enables you to set up a rapid mobile app build distribution chain in a matter of minutes without compromising critical functionality or security. This makes Service2Media AppHaus a convenient tool for both in-house build artifact distribution as well as a solid service in case when delivering mobile apps to third parties without needing to resort to lengthy store-based distribution cycles is required.

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