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The ongoing challenge of mobile news apps

In our experience, bringing the relevant events to your readers through cutting edge mobile news apps is not the easiest thing to achieve in an age where there is increasing pressure on adopting new business models, time to market, IT challenges and cost cutbacks. With a decade of experience in creating apps for global and local leading news enterprises like CNN, Al Jazeera, Gulf News, Wegener, Springer, Elsevier, NOS and NDC, we offer a solution that eliminates all technical, functional and financial obstacles for bringing mobile news to your readers in the best possible way.

Challenging the status quo of news apps

Service2Media carefully designed and developed a complete news solution, offering you the best and most popular functionality found in news apps available today. With the news solution you have a turn key, high end news app, using content directly from your own data and advertisement feeds. The News Solution enables you to go live with your premium news and advertisement app in just 2 weeks. Imagine what that means for your ROI and your ability to focus on our core business: bringing the news and best in class engagement by creating a major communication channel towards your audience.


  • Grow your reader base (free and premium).
  • Accelerate your mobile Go-To-Market.
  • Increase advertisement revenue.



  • Live in just two weeks.
  • No IT involvement needed.
  • A decade of best practices.



  • Complete mobile news solution.
  • Easy configuration for your specific brand(s).
  • Service2Media’s setup service: “We do all the work so you don’t have to”.


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The way that news is consumed is changing, business models are changing and traditional newspapers are competing with live news and new formats on the mobile.

Just as the Web disrupted print, Mobile is disrupting the traditional web. People want news: instant, anytime, anywhere.

News has several challenges: they have multiple labels, multiple languages and limited budgets or a way to monetize their app initiatives.

Custom development is expensive and inefficient. Service2Media’s news solution takes live news to mobile, offering an alternative next to custom development. The app offers a comprehensive feature set, great user experience and productised quality. The solution is future proof, easy to integrate with your content management systems and most of all: it is efficient: it can be rolled out to all your labels, languages, multiple devices and OS’s. It is the perfect solution if you are looking to balance a great user experience with the TCO of your app portfolio.
Gulf news, Wegener and NDC have already chosen Service2Media’s News Solution.

Watch this video of the Wegener solution.

Are you interested in a personal web-ex with our news and media consultant? In this personal 30 minute web-ex we can demo the news solution and showcase our work with Gulf News and Wegener.

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The ongoing challenge of mobile news apps

In our experience, bringing the relevant events to your readers through cutting edge mobile news apps is
not the easiest thing to achieve in an age where there is increasing pressure on adopting new business models,

time to market, IT challenges and cost cutbacks.


With a decade  of experience in creating apps for global and local leading news enterprises like CNN, Al Jazeera,

Gulf News, Wegener, Springer, Elsevier, NOS  and NDC, we offer a solution that eliminates all technical,

functional and financial obstacles for bringing mobile news to your readers in the best possible way.


Challenging the status quo of news apps

Service2Media carefully designed and developed a complete news solution, offering you the best and most popular

functionality found in news apps available today. With the news solution you have a turn key, high end news app,

using content directly from your own data and advertisement feeds.  The News Solution enables you to go live with your premium news and advertisement app in just  2 weeks.

Imagine what that means for your ROI and your ability to focus  on our core business: bringing the news and best in

class engagement by creating a major communication channel towards  your audience.



  • Grow your reader base (free and premium).
  • Accelerate your mobile Go-To-Market.
  • Increase advertisement revenue.



  • Live in just two weeks
  • No IT involvement needed.
  • A decade of best practices.



  • Complete mobile news solution.
  • Easy  configuration for your  specific brand(s).
  • Service2Media’s setup service: “We do all the work so you don’t have to”.


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