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What Why HowDownload the sheet about App Store Optimization and the full presentation about app marketing & store optimization.

Here you can watch the video and read the blog on store optimization using four examples of how app store optimization can help to increase the number of downloads of your app.

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How to connect & integrate your mobile app with your back-end?

Hosts: Peter Broekroelofs (CTO and co-founder) and Arnold Wilts (Project & Customer Succes Manager)

This webinar will help you to understand mobile testing and app lifecycle management. Furthermore, it provides a unique opportunity to learn from our most fun and impressive test- and deployment cases.

The webinar occurred in the past and was hosted by Derk Tegeler, Security Director at Service2Media

This fourth webinar addressed App Development and Maintenance.

You are already convinced of your apps’ business cases. Before you kick-start the development of your app, the following choices will have impact on the quality and lifecycle of your app:

Find out what purposes either HTML, native or hybrid app will serve you best
Learn how to choose between scrum and waterfall methodologies
Benefit from the best practices to set up quality assurance, support and maintenance for your apps.

The webinar occurred in the past and was hosted by Derk Tegeler, Security Director at Service2Media

The webinar series focuses on key topics that are important in executing your mobile strategy and optimising your mobile app competence center. This third webinar addresses security. How ready are you to mitigate threats to your organisation and organisation’s assets? To what degree are you really in control? And how well do you protect your customers data?

Have you addressed the unique challenges of mobile apps and the valuable data they hold or transactions they facilitate, now, and in the future?

The webinar occured in the past and was hosted by our CTO, Peter Broekroelofs.

The webinar series focuses on key topics that are important in executing your mobile strategy and optimizing your mobile app competence center. This second webinar will deal with the first phase; To what level of maturity have you implemented processes and tools for app inception, business case, translating customer insight into app definition and creating your architecture and design?

Download this webinar (entire serie of mobile maturity model):

Mobile technology has caused a tremendous shift in the way consumers and employees view and interact with their world. Building mobile enterprise apps at a consumer quality level and building a process to replicate it over and over is difficult. How “mature” is your organisation in integrating mobile for improved processes, measured ROI and customer experience? Join our Webinar series to learn more.

With the rapid rise of mobile technologies and cloud-based computing, mobile devices are now being lauded as the next frontier in both enterprise and consumer interaction needs and businesses.

Many industries are scrambling to establish a mobile presence and recognise that companies which have a better understanding and commitment in their mobile undertakings are better at formulating strategies and making e-business decisions. Mobile companies that have had a mobile strategy for more than two years put emphasis on building their mobile services internally with their own team, including app development, mobile optimisation, and corporate integration. This means the creation of an app factory or mobile competence centre.

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Leaflet: Service2Media News Solution

This is a state-of-the-art news solution that can be fully branded and themed to match your corporate identity.

New features only recently released on the mobile market open up a world of possibilities to reinforce your mobile engagement with your customers. Used at the right moment they can help your mobile apps to become more successful: motivate users to actually use your app, return to your app frequently and refer your app to other users.

Demo: In a short demo we will demonstrate the power of these new technologies: Web Push Notifications, Mobile Push Notifications and Bluetooth LE.

Download the slidedeck and the leaflet on push & beacons:

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