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ENSCHEDE [6-4-2016] – Mobiele serviceprovider CM uit Breda heeft, na het faillissement van app-ontwikkelaar Service2Media (“S2M”) in Enschede, enkele onderdelen van het bedrijf overgenomen.

De rechter-commissaris is reeds formeel akkoord gegaan met de overname van de onderdelen door CM. Daarbij hoort ook het app-ontwikkelingsplatform M2Active, dat door CM  wordt omgevormd tot een pakket dat binnen de huidige diensten van CM past en zich richt op het ontwikkelen van succesvolle apps.

CM-onderdeel OneSixty vestigt zich in Enschede. Het CM bedrijf OneSixty richt zich op mobiele applicaties en maakt sinds 2013 deel uit van CM.

Een deel van het personeel van het oude S2M is bij CM in dienst gekomen en zal zich richten op de activiteiten van CM. Op deze wijze is het mogelijk om zoveel mogelijk werkgelegenheid in Enschede te behouden.

Over CM:

CM werd opgericht in 1999 en biedt nu meer dan 20.000 klanten wereldwijd oplossingen voor bedrijfskritische communicatie, klantinteractie, beveiliging, marketingcampagnes en transacties. CM is een pionier in mobile messaging en tevens actief in app-ontwikkeling, (mobiele) betalingen en pushmessaging.

De jarenlange consistente groei bezorgde CM een plaats in de Deloitte Fast500, een lijst van de 500 snelst groeiende bedrijven. CM heeft kantoren in London, Parijs, Hong Kong, Kaapstad, Frankfurt, Brussel, Den Haag en Amsterdam. CM’s platform is redundant, kent een 24/7 ondersteuning inclusief datacentra en een uitgebreid glasvezelnetwerk door Europa.


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Service2Media AppHaus – Introduction 

Managing and distribution of apps to development teams, test officers and even end users can be quite an hassle, decreasing Go to Market speed and app quality while unnecessary complicating internal processes and communication. 

Service2Media AppHaus provides convenient storage, organization and distribution facilities for mobile app builds regardless of the stage of the app’s lifecycle. Whether it’s development, acceptance or distribution towards end users, Service2Media AppHaus comes at hand with features such as rapid app upload, organizing build storage in particular app projects and build buckets, augmentation of builds with the necessary metadata and finally, app build sharing in both public and access-controlled manner.

Service2Media AppHaus brings you into a managed environment of mobile app build distribution literally in a few simple and rapidly executed steps: 

Step 1: Set up your app(s) 

For each new app, the most basic information concerning naming, possible build package IDs and supported platforms should be provided in order to let AppHaus automatically identify and aggregate future build uploads.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.45.21


· store and organize mobile app builds

· distribute to team members & end users

· view statistics & monitor


· accelerate go live process

· improve app build quality

· cloud service, live in just hours

Step 2 – Upload the build(s) 

Once mobile app builds are produced by the development team, they can be instantly uploaded to Service2Media AppHaus in a single drag-and-drop action. No need to fill multi-paged forms bloated with excessive information.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.46.20

Step 3 – Augment app builds with additional metadata 

The most relevant build parameters such as e.g. app version number, package identifier or provisioning information will be extracted from the uploaded package automatically and will be available for inspection within AppHaus. Additional info can also be provided by the uploader directly – typical cases include e.g. change logs for the particular build or app release.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.49.37

Step 4 – Share builds with others 

Service2Media AppHaus allows for sharing mobile app builds with other app stakeholders either in an access-controlled manner (courtesy of Service2Media’s own user authentication service) or by generating publicly-accessible URLs which remain active over the specified amount of time. Such links can then be accessed directly on a mobile device in order to install the app by any target audience desired e.g. dev team members, testers, key project stakeholders or app end users.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.50.19

Step 5 – Monitor, refine, organize 

Next to upload & share functionality, Service2Media AppHaus provides more advanced features such as download statistics monitoring, possibility of sharing aggregated app builds a.k.a. build buckets or support for watchfolders used with Continuos Integration systems. With these tools it’s possible to refine the app’s build distribution chain at any given time and bring it to the next level of organization.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.50.54


Service2Media AppHaus enables you to set up a rapid mobile app build distribution chain in a matter of minutes without compromising critical functionality or security. This makes Service2Media AppHaus a convenient tool for both in-house build artifact distribution as well as a solid service in case when delivering mobile apps to third parties without needing to resort to lengthy store-based distribution cycles is required.

Samen met onze partner The Valley hebben wij voor ONVZ de unieke NRGY app ontwikkeld.

“Met de NRGY app kun je zelf je fysieke, emotionele en mentale energieniveau in de gaten houden. Door vaker te meten, leer je meer over jezelf. Wat geeft mij energie en wat kost mij energie? Op welke momenten van de dag of week heb ik het meeste energie? Bovendien kun je met tips zelf aan de slag om je energieniveau te verhogen”.

Test de app uit via de App Store of via  Google Play


Service2Media joins Hippo’s Certified Partner Network to create relevant experiences across channels

Enschede, October 22 2015. Responding to growing enterprise demand for support in serving customers with contextually relevant information on any channel and any device, Web Content Management Software vendor Hippo has further strengthened its European partner portfolio with Service2Media.

Implementing Hippo CMS, the two companies close the gap between content delivery touch points, creating a singular and streamlined digital experience between web properties and mobile apps across devices. Companies benefit from increased agility, a reduced TCO, and an accelerated time-to-market on their digital projects.

“We are very pleased to team up with Hippo. We encounter enterprises facing challenges executing their omnichannel digital strategy– where content plays a central role– on a daily basis. This partnership will enable us to deliver truly outstanding experiences based on a modern and versatile web content management technology.” Rene Stukker, CEO, Service2Media.

“When creating contextually-aware digital experiences, the customer’s needs always come first. This means delivering the right content, in the right context and on the right device– for every visitor. We look forward to leveraging Service2Media’s expansive omnichannel expertise in creating cutting edge digital experiences for every context.” Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CMO and co-founder, Hippo

About Service2Media
Service2Media is leader in secure mobile hybrid HTML5 development using open source components and frameworks. Its 10 years of experience has resulted in sustainable mobile reference architecture and mobile products that support a continuous mobile delivery strategy.

About Hippo
Hippo is redefining the CMS space by engineering the world’s most advanced content performance platform, designed to help businesses understand their visitors – whether they are known or anonymous – and deliver the content they value in any context and on any device. Hippo is a Select Partner in EMC’s Technology Connect Track, and the only Open Source Java CMS in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM.


Communicating with end users in case of app malfunction or scheduled maintenance is not something you’d think about when you publish your app in the stores. Once your app is in the stores you lose a part of IT control and communication power.

From a customer experience point of view there is nothing more damaging to your business when you don’t meet transaction needs at the very moment users want to interact with your brand. 

So how to retrieve app control to your IT organisation and how to keep end users informed (and make them come back to visit  app when it is online again)?
Do you use a call center, web care team or do you use Twitter and Facebook channels? Every action costs money, time and app retention loss because your communication is not fast and relevant enough.

Service2Media’s AppControl enables in-app communication, even when the mobile app is not ready for normal use.

  • Retain app users by directly informing them in case of app problems or scheduled maintenance.
  • Manage & Segment user communication by Operating System (iOS, Android, Windows), app version, device and language.
  • Migrate selected app users to the most recent app version.


Your Benefits:

  • 50% reduction of calls and web care resources
  • 25% less risk of bad app reviews
  • 75% faster migration to the latest app version
  • 95% returning visitors after app off line situation

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.57.31

In the administration portal you have total control over your app communication 

Client-side integration 

Implementing Service2Media AppControl takes literally a few hours. The form of separate native client libraries and Cordova plugins makes client side integration a breeze, while the solution’s architecture ensures that it does not slow down app startup and does not block in case of service non-availability or client side connectivity problems.

Use cases 

1. Non-blocking maintenance 

Suppose a back-end that serves out content to an app is being updated during the night (low use hours).

Instead of confronting users with an app that does not work properly, with Service2Media AppControl it’s possible to configure a specific message for a specific time window upfront in the self service portal. During the time window the user can be presented with a friendly message which informs the user on how long the maintenance work and the resulting interruptions will take.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.59.08

Maintenance info message served to all mobile OS distributions of the app 

2. Voluntary update 

A new version of the app (let’s say 2.3.0) has been released a while ago, but from statistics it shows that there’s still a group of users on iOS that has not updated the app yet and is using version 2.1 instead. This is a shame, because these users are not being introduced to the new functionality.

With Service2Media AppControl this target group of the app will be presented with a friendly message stating there’s a new version of the app available, along with a direct link to the right location in the Apple Store.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.02.43

Voluntary update message to all app users 

3. Mandatory update 

Unfortunately a serious security flaw has been detected in the app. An update targeting the vulnerability is available at the respective app stores and it is critical that all users download the update in order to avoid sensitive data leakage or other security hazards. Service2Media AppControl makes it possible to force all users to update the app before they can continue with using it. With this approach the security issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.02.43

Mandatory update prompt blocking app’s operation until the user performs an update 

4. Blocked Startup 

A very serious functional or security flaw has been detected on the app’s backend, which opens up the system to malfunctioning or malicious activities. Fixing the issue on the backend side takes more time than expected and the only option is to temporarily seize the app’s operation. Although this is a very extreme and exceptional situation it should be prevented at all cost. It’s reassuring, that even under these circumstances Service2Media AppControl has your back.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.04.36

Blocked app startup with redirection to external website



In this 30 minute webinar we explain what enterprises should consider when defining their mobile IT strategy

Rapid mobile adoption can result in increased sales, productivity, customer loyalty and reduced overhead, but it’s necessary for enterprises to plan ahead to avoid the challenges of integrating mobile business applications into their existing IT infrastructure while guaranteeing business success

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Kind regards,

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Service2media continues to dominate the mobile enterprise landscape when compelling user experience, complex backend integration and security matters most! Follow these links to the stores:





How web push notifications will change the way you do (mobile) business

You probably know already about mobile push notifications and how it is is taking the world by storm, but did you already hear about web push notifications on desktops and what it can do for your online and mobile business?

Web push notifications provides innovative ways to interact with your customers both on desktop as well as your mobile website.

Join the 30-minute webinar to discover:

• What is web push notification and how does it work?
• What is the difference with (native) mobile push notifications?
• How does web push notifications also impacts your mobile channel.

I look forward presenting to you July 16th at 11:00am CET

Kind regards,

Arjo van Oosten
VP Mobile Technology & Marketing


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