App Review.

Have you wondered how your app would score on user experience, security, navigation & interaction, features performance and life cycle success?

Our analysis is impartial, our conclusions and recommendations come with no strings attached. The resulting App Review Report is strictly confidential and only shared with you.

For example, Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM, gave us feedback on the App Review RSM received from Service2Media: “The review we received from Service2Media on the RSM App, serving as a directory of our global member firms, was timely, thorough and easy to understand. The review raised some additional features we can utilise in order to improve the user’s experience of the RSM App.”

Arjo van Oosten, VP Customer Experience Strategy at Service2Media, and his team will review your app and provide you with feedback and suggestions to improve your app.

Many customers have benefited from his advice already. In order to review your app, we invite you to share the links to the app store of your app. The individual app review contains a customised short list of strong and (possible) weak points of your app and we suggest at least two points to optimise your app. It is a perfect benchmark and provides you with an objective point of view from our design, development and security specialists.

App Review

Using Service2Media’s solutions results in

  • Increase your go to market speed for your apps up to 25%
  • Decrease your app maintenance time by at least 20%
  • Increase relevant daily app traffic by at least 25%
  • Premium support from strategic consultants, developers, designers, security- and backend specialists

App Review AnonymizedOur team of strategic mobile consultants, interaction & interface designers, security consultants and back-end specialists review your app and focus on 7 key topics.

  1. First impression look and feel
  2. Screen real estate
  3. Performance
  4. Security
  5. Screen orientation dynamics
  6. Lifecycle completion motivation
  7. Cross operating system comparison

The review includes the top 5 recommended actions to improve both your app success as well as your App Business Case.

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