CM neemt deel van Service2Media over.

ENSCHEDE [6-4-2016] – Mobiele serviceprovider CM uit Breda heeft, na het faillissement van app-ontwikkelaar Service2Media (“S2M”) in Enschede, enkele onderdelen van het bedrijf overgenomen.

De rechter-commissaris is reeds formeel akkoord gegaan met de overname van de onderdelen door CM. Daarbij hoort ook het app-ontwikkelingsplatform M2Active, dat door CM  wordt omgevormd tot een pakket dat binnen de huidige diensten van CM past en zich richt op het ontwikkelen van succesvolle apps.

CM-onderdeel OneSixty vestigt zich in Enschede. Het CM bedrijf OneSixty richt zich op mobiele applicaties en maakt sinds 2013 deel uit van CM.

Een free cam adult deel van het personeel van het oude S2M is bij CM in dienst gekomen en zal zich richten op de activiteiten van CM. Op deze wijze is het mogelijk om zoveel mogelijk werkgelegenheid in Enschede te behouden.


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    We untangle the complexity of mobile solutions

    Our ability to define, develop and bring mobile products and services to market is an asset that is deep in our DNA. We build upon an excellent team of strategic mobile thought leaders and senior developers with in-depth knowledge on the various mobile operating systems, SDK development, mobile back-end envelopment, integration, API design and mobile security.

    We build mission critical mobile solutions for enterprises

    Our focus on advanced hybrid use of HTML5 and native technology earned us a solid reputation in B2C enterprise grade customers for both front-end as well as back-end development. Experienced with building our own cross-platform MADP we know how to use hybrid HTML5 technology to build high performing mobile consumer apps with great user experience.

    We enable a continuous mobile delivery strategy

    Service2Media is a technology though leader for fast and cost effective mobile app development across multiple operating systems for any imaginable IT landscape. With our unique graded insourcing model we enable our customers to learn and become mobile thought leaders themselves

    • René Stukker CEO

      René’s background covers 25 years in international sales and general management roles in mostly enterprise software companies. His focus is on global go-to-market strategies and team alignment to set and realise the strategic directives of the company. René has been working with large US based software enterprises like Oracle and MicroStrategy to lead regions in Europe aswell as starting the EMEA region for Chinese Shanghai based software company eSoon.
      In 2008 René joined the management team of Dutch based and VC backed startup Q-go which was sold to RightNow Technologies in 2011 and acquired in 2012 by Oracle. René resigned starting 2013 to start his own company Batalla where he worked with the mangement teams of startups in the mobile security and fraud detection space. Per June 1, 2015 he started his role as CEO.

    • Our team Creative Genius

      We are absolutely passionate about creating mobile solutions! Our ability to define, develop and bring mobile products to market is an asset that is deep in our DNA. We are proud to be a trusted advisor to many A-brands in the financial industry, media and entertainment as well as (semi) government, guiding them in mobile strategy, customer experience, architecture and mobile enterprise security.
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    • Peter Broekroelofs CTO & Co-founder

      Peter Broekroelofs is one of the founders who started Service2Media in 2005. Peter has 20 years’ experience in mobile and IT, 8 years of which were in apps and app strategy. Prior to Service2Media he was Vice President Marketing and Strategy at LogicaCMG Wireless Networks division, which offered messaging and mobile data solutions to the global mobile telecommunications industry. Prior to this he was Product Management Director within Wireless Networks.

    • Arjo van Oosten VP Marketing & CX Stratgy

      Arjo van Oosten joined Service2Media in the autumn of 2013. He has over 20 years of international software experience. Prior to joining Service2Media, Arjo was Director Customer Experience Strategy at Oracle, one of the world’s largest software corporations. Prior to Oracle Arjo was VP Business Consulting Services at Q-Go for 5 years. Q-Go was acquired by RightNow Technologies in 2011. Prior to his position at Q-Go, he held a variety of leadership positions at international financial institutions over the course of 10 years.

    • Harry Ten Berge Director R&D

      Harry ten Berge joined Service2Media at the beginning of 2011 as Lead Architect for R&D and has 15 years’ experience in (industrial) IT before he made the switch to mobile. Prior to Service2Media he held several senior technical positions at HITT (now owned by SAAB) working on complex real-time traffic management systems. Harry is a technology watcher and has a broad interest in everything related to software development processes. On top of that he’s a certified gadget freak.

    • Arjan Berkenbosch VP Finance

      Arjan Berkenbosch joined Service2Media in the autumn of 2013 and has 7 years of international software experience. Arjan started his career as controller with Q-Go. When Q-Go was acquired by RightNow Technologies in 2011, Arjan became responsible for the Shared Service Centre of EMEA as Accounting Manager (and later on for Oracle). In March 2013, Arjan became CFO of Mirror42 and contributed to a successful acquisition by ServiceNow.

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    Ideation & Architecture

    Knowing gaytube the goal of any solution is critical to ensure mobile success. Our strategic architects and backend consultants will deliver the fundament to build successful high performance apps for consumer and employees.

    Development & Assembly

    Our team of senior HTML5, backend, security and integration specialists work together to build the best, fastest, most solid and secure mobile solution imaginable.

    Delivery & Maintenance

    During the life cycle of the mobile solution our team of development specialists monitors the solution for the customer 24/7. This includes offer strategic advice for OS level updates to ensure continuous and high performance of the app and your IT landscape

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Expertise to solve any mobile challenge, guaranteed.

Workshop “Understanding the Mobile Ecosystem”

With many ways to connect your data sources to your mobile solutions, choosing the right integration option has never been more critical. We have a decade of expertise solving complex integrations, security, IT & content processes, API architecture and create the best possible mobile and web ecosystem. Contact us to learn more. 

Workshop “Introduction to mobile security”

As a true advocate of a “mobile first” organisation, we have extensive experience with implementing mobile strategies for medium and large enterprises under the highest possible security requirements. Learn the ins and outs of mobile security from our architects and technology consultants. 
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Workshop “App Store Management”

App store submission and app store management can be quite complex. Learn how to deal with specific app store requirements and best practice submission processes. Contact us

Mobile Experience Analysis

Learn how to improve your bottom line mobile business results by changing your customer’s behaviour. In essence, it’s a discovery process that helps you rapidly frame your mobile customer experience challenges- and to formulate innovative and differentiated brand experiences that meet mobile customer expectations. Learn more

App Success Audit

Have you wondered how your app would score on user experience, security, interaction, performance and lifecycle success? Understanding how your customer perceives your app is important to succeed in achieving your app business goals. Learn More

Mobile Security & Privacy Audit

Although customers don’t give security a lot of thought in day-to-day interactions, app security and privacy is not a need, it’s a necessity. In our experience, 60% of mobile applications have security issues. We are experts in mobile encryption, privacy and security and with this audit we provide you insight how your app performs. Read Blog

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    Marc Muller, CEO Emesa Nederland BV | Emesa Holdings BV: ”Service2Media and Emesa have been partners in the field of mobile technology from the outset. Together we continually strive towards new applications and mobile user experiences. The starting point was using Service2Media’s innovative platform. This allows us to quickly bring out new applications for a wide range of mobile devices, enabling us to concentrate more on our consumers, placing their mobile expectations central for all applications to come.”

    Marc Muller via CEO EMESA Nederland BV
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    “Working with Service2Media has been a pleasure and I would certainly recommend them,” said Tracey Rogers, “they have a clear and transparent workflow – and the project was very straightforward from start to finish. The sales team responded very positively to the app – and from a Marketing perspective, we know that they are now using a solution that better promotes the brand and the products.”

    Tracey Rogers via Associated Press
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    “Achmea realises apps have become a major channel to reach customers, employees and management efficiently. We expect big growth in the number and usage of core and critical apps. To be ready for this wave, we selected Service2Media

    Maarten van Duuren via - Senior Solution Director at Achmea
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    “Gulf News Media worked with Service2Media to build our latest mobile applications and we are very happy with the results. The project has provided us with important insights in managing the complexity of development in mobile today. It is an important proof point for future development.”

    Abdul Hamid Ahmad via Gulf News
  • logo_springer_grey
    “With ‘Ärzte Zeitung digital’ we have consistently transferred our newspaper for physicians to the digital age. Winning the Award Fachmedium des Jahres 2013 is for us a sign that we are heading in the right direction with our overall strategy. The strategy of digitization should be pursued consistently”

    Harm van Maanen via Springer Medizin - Executive vice president

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