Publishing solutions

Use Service2Media’s publishing solutions to offer secure access to subscription based and valued content for your professional and scientific publications. Offer complex visualizations, smart graphics, advanced search and multimedia capabilities directly on the mobile device of your customer.

From secure collaborative environments for research groups and government through to specialist scientific publishing our experience is extensive and second to none. These Apps will:

  • Increase access – provide secure, responsive and reliable access to valuable information and business processes anywhere, anytime
  • Enable collaboration- add value to your business by increasing collaborative co-operation across multi-platforms
  • Present and visualize complex and rich information – Support specialized scientific formats and offer rich and engaging presentations of your information
  • Improve performance – increase the value of your business by arming your teams with advanced tools and information at their fingertips so your staff and company make optimal use of resources.
  • Excel at what you do – demonstrate leadership in your field with advanced applications that showcase your capabilities.

Core professional publishing tailorable component based App designs. Accelerate the delivery of your App portfolio using highly tailor-able pre-defined design components.

Service2Media can rapidly create the precise functionality you need using solution specific abstract design components and interaction patterns that are customized to your exacting brand and functional requirements. This offers a superior personalized solution that doesn’t force you to adapt to a more rigid templated design. Existing tailor-made functionality and designs support:-

Professional publishing Apps:

  • Protected/subscription based content
  • Complex visualization
  • smart graphics
  • advanced search
  • Live TV streaming

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