~Innovative APP movie builds on partnership with Service2Media and Civolution technologies~

2CFILM, the film company recently launched with the backing of Imagine Nation and taking a revolutionary approach to the way that audiences experience film content, today announces the first of its productions.  APP is the world’s first motion picture to be supported by a synchronised second-screen application for use in the cinema.


APP – the ground-breaking first film in a series of titles on 2CFILM’s development slate – will be supported by content available through an application for iPhone and Android devices. APP has been made possible through the use of powerful technology based on SyncNow® digital watermarking by the advanced –cross app development capabilities of Service2Media and Civolution.

The narrative of the thriller centres on the app that becomes an autonomous force.  Cinema audiences will be able to follow a parallel storyline via the app content, bringing the big screen and the mobile device together throughout the film. APP is due for release in the Netherlands on 24 February 2013, and will be distributed by Just Film Distribution.

2CFILM, Service2Media and Civolution  have entered into a unique partnership to create multi-screen film experiences throughout the lifecycle of movies, in cinema, DVD, linear and, on-demand television and online. The award-winning SyncNow feature allows the mobile app to automatically synchronise itself to the movie whenever and wherever the movie is watched, adding another dimension to the experience.

Robin de Levita, Chief Creative Officer, Imagine Nation, says: “App will immediately present an exciting challenge to the way that we think about the cinema experience – it might even potentially start a trend where consumers will turn their phones on, not off, when they go to the cinema.”

Edvard van ‘t Wout, Founder, 2CFILM, states: “App is our first step on to the international stage with our new approach to film, creating commercially-successful films that fit with how today’s audiences consume content and which resonate with the modern world.” Click here to watch the interview with Edvard van ‘t Wout.

 Geert Kolthof, CEO and Co-founder, Service2Media, adds: “Delivering sophisticated app experiences on multiple devices that give the best possible user experience is our forte. With the creative skills of 2CFILM and supporting technology from Civolution we would expect to deliver a stunning and innovative experience.”

Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution, adds: “This is a first of a kind synchronised multi-screen experience for cinema and other forms of distribution. It takes full advantage of the latest state of technology and creative skills, united in a unique partnership, defining a new level of entertainment experience leveraging people’s smart mobile devices.”

2CFILM was created by Imagine Nation, the global media content company focused on TV, film and live entertainment, recently launched by Kees Abrahams and Robin de Levita.  The new venture sees Abrahams and de Levita join 2CFILM as producers alongside Edvard van ‘t Wout, Producer and Founder, and Creative Director Bobby Boermans, photo credit: VARSBAYD.


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