Reed Elsevier - Scopus: publishing app


Medical Research Alerts on the move


Background Story:  Elsevier’s Scopus is the leading service for finding and sharing peer-reviewed information that will help you in your research, whether you’re trying to find a cancer cure, or improve irrigation in Africa. Whatever your science, when you’re away from the lab but need to keep in touch with the latest research.

The search capabilities and alert mechanisms require extensive integration of the app with back-end services enabled through Service2Media’s server which is part of our App Lifecycle runtime solution. Managing and evolving apps of this quality requires a high degree of quality assurance and testing and the implemented solution needs to scale and be robust.

Functionality: The Reed Elsevier Scopus Publishing App is a medical research App that allows users to find articles, create alerts, make notes and share links instantly.

Key Features:

  • Search across thousands of scholarly journals from more than 5000 international publishers;
  • Save the important articles in one place for easy look-up;
  • Set up and review email alerts for your favourite searches;
  • Set up email alerts for when an author cites a particular article;
  • Annotate articles with your own notes;
  • Share article links through email or twitter.

Noteworthy: Compatible with iPad. Two versions are available:

  • SciVerse Scopus Alerts (institutional subscribers version)
  •  SciVerse Scopus Alerts Individual (Paid version for non-institutional subscribers)