With our cross platform abilities we create near native or HTML5 apps with strong security measures. Above all, our platform helps business and IT to save time and cost. It standardises and increases pace of app development, while maintaining the flexibility of native app development. Accelerate your apps’ route to the app store.

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M2Active – the App Lifecycle Platform


A large and quickly growing community of mobile developers is already using the M2Active solution to do what they do best: creating great cross-platform apps. Have you already seen the Al Jazeera app? Or the Rabobank International mobile banking app? Are you one of the million receivers of mobile push messages that are sent using the M2Active cloud services every day? All this is made reality by very creative and professional people using the M2Active multi platform developer tools.


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Why M2Active?

Advantages of M2Active?

Business advantages



 Why M2Active?


Mobile first - Mobile devices and mobile apps are taking the lead. The market shares of smartphones and tablets are growing quickly and are currently surpassing the declining desktop and laptop computer market shares. In many cases, users prefer to use a mobile device instead of their personal computer. Take for instance mobile banking apps: the amount of users of mobile banking apps doubled in 2012 and more than half of the banking transactions are done via a mobile app. Moreover, a quarter of all mobile app users do not not even visit the bank’s website anymore. Mobile apps clearly provide a solution to your customers’ needs. Basically: when you want to address your users, you need cross platform mobile apps.


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Fragmentation - The mobile market is very fragmented in several aspects. First of all, there are different mobile operating systems. Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry and a growing number of newcomers like Tizen and Firefox OS results in a fragmented operating system space without a clear long term winner. Worse yet, many of these operating systems are present on the devices in the market in several versions. Second, the number of devices that use these operating systems is growing every day. Different screen sizes, resolutions and color depths result in a huge number of devices, all to be programmed differently. New devices like Glass or the new smartwatches complicate this even more. In the third place, mobile apps need to be distributed via a multitude of channels. Each vendor has his own app store, often accompanied with enterprise internal app distribution mechanisms. If you want to address your users properly, you will need to have many versions of your app available. This easily leads to complex deployment, support and lifecycle management for your apps. Service2Media’s M2Active multi OS app development platform comes to the rescue.

Video: Achmea IT and their App Factory with M2Active Platform



Platform - With an App Lifecycle Platform, you can manage and control these fragmentation problems, now and in the future. Design your apps once, deploy them on multiple devices and evolve them throughout their lives. You get efficient multi OS app development tools, there is no need for native coding, a maximal user experience is guaranteed and you get an enterprise grade basis for your app development street:

        • Productivity tools for multi-OS development and maintenance of mobile apps.
        • Standardization within existing defined IT architectures and infrastructures.
        • Overall manageability and security of mobile apps.
        • Shorter time to market.
        • Predictable cost levels.
        • Offering best in class user experiences.

Read more in our Technical M2Active Platform Leaflet on the specifications and advantages of cross platform development with M2Active.

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Case Study: Achmea: Achmea’s App Factory
Industry: Insurance

About: The app portfolio in the insurance industry is a widely discussed topic. This paper elaborates on the App Factory initiative at Achmea, a large Dutch insurance group, to execute their app portfolio strategy. To respond to this vision, Achmea introduced their own app center: The Achmea App Factory, a complete in-house app development and maintenance ‘assembly line’. The App Factory is a special department within the company’s IT organisation, fully geared towards efficient production and management of apps.

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Advantages of M2Active


By using M2Active you create better apps in a more efficient way:


Create near-native apps

Today, you do not want to compromise on performance or look and feel. Native apps provide the best possible user experience and performance. Every app built on the M2Active platform is a native application that behaves as it should and looks as it should: like a mobile app. 

Lua Service2Media Coding LanguageOne single project, language and API

Developing mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms requires a broad skill set: iOS applications are written in Objective-C, Android applications are written in JAVA, BlackBerry applications are written in JAVA or C++ and Windows Phone 8 applications are written in C#. With M2Active, you can develop mobile applications using one single scripting language: Lua. It uses the M2Active API that we made available on all platforms, leveraging native mobile device capabilities. All your code is neatly organised in a clear project structure that fully enables collaboration and version management.

m2activepushIntegrate mobile push messaging that scales along

Apps are about user engagement, and with mobile push messaging you have an excellent way to reach your audience. With M2Active push messaging, you can send messages from single users to tens of thousands context aware messages per minute or hundreds of thousands bulk messages per minute to your users. You can leverage your own back-end data to mix-and-match your app strategy with our cloud services, providing a secure and anonymous environment.

developperExtend the platform to your own needs

Our platform implements all the functionality you need to be able to start creating apps today. But even if you want to specifically add something that is not yet available on all devices (like NFC), it is possible to add. Our architecture allows the creation of custom components that you can leverage and reuse within your own environment: you write a small piece of native code, add a lua binding to it and you are ready to go!



Develop using our productivity tools

We provide you with a set of productivity tools that we created by using technologies your developers are already familiar with. Our IDE builds upon the popular open source Eclipse IDE, providing functionalities such as code editors, syntax highlighters, integrated help, a full debugger and more. Our SDK builds upon the popular open source Gradle infrastructure, taking away the pain of managing and configuring multiple mobile toolchains with all their platform specific details. The M2Active IDE and the M2Active SDK integrate seamlessly on your desktop and within your existing Continuous Integration (CI) solution.

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Business Strengths

Customers who choose to work with M2Active for its cross platform abilities, near native apps, strong security measures. Above all, it helps business and IT to save time and cost. It standardizes and increases app development, while maintaining the flexibility of native app development.  Accelerate your apps’ route to the app store with M2Active.


App Development Service Service2Media M2ActiveMulti-platform app development from a common design interface
  • Apps that run everywhere – supports multiple OS’s and device types through a common design interface and platform. Build your apps once, deploy on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
  • Future proofs your investment - against device and OS fragmentation and changes to standards and technologies.
  • The platform integrates smoothly in your company’s development infrastructure, processes and build chain, regardless of you using agile, plan based or mixed project approaches

Read more about our IDE - Integrated Development Environment


Scalability – App Lifecycle Management

Build, maintain and evolve portfolios of apps – Save time and cost by managing all app initiatives within your enterprise from oneenvironment. Future proof: New OS, new devices? A platform strategy for app development improves agility when responding to change.
Reduces the total cost of ownership - of building and maintaining App portfolios throughout their lives.



 Secure app deployment

• Builds mobile apps securely – secure well structured App platform environment.

• Makes mobile apps secure – incorporates multiple layers of security and encryption. Webinar Security: Apps of Steel from Service2Media





Global & multi-lingual support

• Multi-lingual implementation – multiple language, alignment and character support (Arabic).
• Global corporate support – manages the complexities of world-wide deployment. Enables global roll out.